Getting my work together so I can play…

I am trying to get some of my work done (that I should have accomplished last week) so I can grab Lisa and take her on a short road trip. Today is my little sister’s birthday and I promised to get her out of Dodge for a night. We will Priceline something, have a nice evening and return tomorrow early afternoon.

In other news, my desk arrived yesterday! Yes, that means I FINALLY have a professional workspace! I decided to turn the loft into a true office which means I moved the television downstairs. It feels great having a focussed area to work. Even my bedroom looks awesome because I also got a new, gorgeous bed! For the longest of time, I assumed my future held something totally different in store for me. I thought I was going to get married and either move into a new place OR merge his stuff into mine so it just didn’t make sense upgrading rooms and furniture. Knowing I am still on my own singular path was the push I needed to start living a little more comfortably. My next investment will be into hardwood floors for the parlor and dining room.

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