LIFE! It exists!

I am trying to line up my summer.

My desired summer consists of:

  • The Blasters
  • Los Straitjackets
  • The Red Elvises
  • Blobfest
  • Ghoul a Go-Go (Creighton and I have a special relationship)
  • The Rivers Rockabilly Trio
  • Bensalem Amphitheater Tribute Bands
  • Elvis Stylist performance
  • Old Classic movies preferably projected outside on a bedsheet hanging between two trees

What else? I am trying to remember! It’s been so long.

I wish there was a Website that listed all the classic movies and old time rock and roll that is playing in my neck of the woods.

4 thoughts on “LIFE! It exists!

  1. Jorge Mendez

    If only you knew someone with the skills, interest, and talent to develop such a site 🙂

  2. Donna Post author

    Vandergrift, PA– unfortunately far too far… but that’s the idea! There must be something similar happening around me. Just gotta find it.

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