Dalek Cybernaut Talbot

I am really worried. Perhaps this is proof that I actually am in my mid-30’s! Somehow I felt compelled to go Talbot’s Website…. AND I LOVED THE CLOTHES!!!!!

Talbot’s clothes were always matronly and shapeless and ugly. Have they changed? Or have I?

Whatever the case, I could so rock this dress:
Pretty-brights knit dress

5 thoughts on “Dalek Cybernaut Talbot

  1. B. Davis

    That rocks, but the Super Woman outfit is a 9.0 earthquake with tsunamis and aftershocks.

  2. CGHill

    This is why they’re called “classics.” Style made simple, with the bonus that they’re not so overdecorated that you can’t accessorize the living daylights out of them.

  3. Donna Post author

    Hi Sophie! You are right, the Fall clothes are just as gorgeous! It’s hard because I am no longer in the Gap demographic and I got a few more years until I arrive at Chicos– it’s nice to see Talbots aligning itself to be that in between area.

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