Intactivist Declared

IntactivistCheck out this excerpt from a post I wrote back in 2004:

The cause I would take as my platform if I was suddenly crowned Miss America or somehow found myself First Lady is ending the systematic genital mutilation of newborn males. If I ever marry and multiply, there is no way on this green earth I will let any doctor touch my son’s Zauberstuecke. Of course, I have no interest in having sons, I would much prefer daughters. Hopefully, in 30 years when I am ready for children, it will be possible to choose their sex.

Clearly this is something I’ve felt passionately about for YEARS. I am holding on strong that I won’t have to submit Jimmie to systematic genital mutilation.

We shall see.

I have submitted to so much over the last few months.

  • I never wanted a blood diamond– but I am wearing one on my finger now.
  • Never wanted to wear a white wedding gown– yet somehow my gown is white.
  • Never ever thought I’d get married with a huge baby bump, I mean, c’mon… how tacky! Yet, I am getting married 7 months pregnant.
  • Never thought I’d be living in NJ with their exorbitant property tax… and here I sit soon to change my residence and support the beast.
  • Never thought I’d live with a man unless I was married to him.. and yes, I know that the wedding is just 8 days away but still…
  • AND I am living in a house that isn’t mine… not being in control, that’s against my core principles.

The funny part is, I don’t mind any of it. Except the potential genital mutilation of my son’s Zauberstuecke.

3 thoughts on “Intactivist Declared

  1. Donna Post author

    It’s been so long– not even sure why I had ever used that word originally. Not sure if it’s a colloquialism or an inside joke or I just thought it sounded funny… I think I meant it to mean Magicwand

  2. Audra

    Zauberstueke means feat of magic, and Zauberstab is magic wand, I just looked it up! Zauberstueke is definitely the funnier word! It reminds me of schtickle, the Yiddish work for a little bit.

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