Some woman emailed me requesting I mention her in my Weblog and link to her fundraising page. Apparently she is training for a marathon to raise money for the American Stroke Association. Gosh, I am so old that I remember when people went door to door collecting for one charity or another. Times they are a-changin’. There you go, Lori! Maybe one of my 4 regular visitors will stop by and donate.
I didn’t donate to Lori’s charity, mainly because I am tight-fisted, although I do have some causes I support. For instance diabetes. I went to a couple diabetes walkathons with a friend who wore an insulin pump. We’re not friends anymore but I continue to use the American Diabetes Association address labels on my envelopes.
The cause I would take as my platform if I was suddenly crowned Miss America or somehow found myself First Lady is ending the systematic genital mutilation of newborn males. If I ever marry and multiply, there is no way on this green earth I will let any doctor touch my son’s Zauberstücke. Of course, I have no interest in having sons, I would much prefer daughters. Hopefully, in 30 years when I am ready for children, it will be possible to choose their sex.

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  2. Jason

    Ha ha ha! Umm I hate to say it, but the male is the determining factor is what sex the baby is…. Sigh, I’m unfortunately destined to have girls. We will see though, due to Wendy’s condition we may not be able, but I’m sure there are many avenues for adoption. Anyways Diabetes is a great cause! Since my father died of it, I have plenty of reason to. Anyways have a good one.

  3. Jay

    I agree on the mutilation of male genitalia. It is barbaric. I must confess that the way in which you composed the last paragraph made me laugh—something I needed.

    Cheers! : )

  4. Dan Lovejoy

    If you want to birth your children, you’d better not wait 30 years. Of course, that’s not your only option.

    The circumcision battle is one in which we’re gaining ground. More and more baby boys remain intact in the USA.

    You’d be surprised at how strongly people feel about it. And how willing they are to share their opinion. Weird.

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