Is this a sign I am doing something wrong?

The other day I posted a blog entry bordering on love blogging, something I swore I would not do. I mentioned that I went out on a couple dates with a man who had a short stint as an MTV VJ. When I told Audra, she said, “That’s another one to add to your crazy man list!” And she was right and thus my blog post.

But you know what?

I couldn’t remember all the unique, offbeat guys I’ve dated! I knew I was missing one. I racked my brain and finally gave up. Then just yesterday I was going through my cell phone’s picture gallery and I spotted him… of course, how could I forget the Irish Cowboy!?! So I just went back and updated the other blog post to include him.

We only went out a few times, mainly to hear bands play. He was a slim leprechaun of a man who sounded like a leprechaun but he dressed like a cowboy replete with hat, shirt, wranglers, and boots! By the third date I suspected he was bald and when I asked, he finally removed the hat to show me his scalp. I was fine with it. We didn’t work out for a number of other reasons. The main one being that although in the midst of a divorce, he was still technically married. The other reason was that he hated fat people.

As it is, tonight the Red Elvises play at the Bethlehem Muskifest and I am excited to see them again. Last night I saw the movie Ted. LOVED IT! Probably because it’s from the creator of Family Guy and I love Family Guy. Potty humor, filth, vulgarity, cursing, prostitutes, poop and farts are all funny to me. I also love Flash Gordon.

Early next week I board a plane for a 10 day trip through Eastern Europe. To say I am feeling anxiety about leaving my business would be an understatement. I know I am leaving it in capable hands but I still feel nervous. It’ll be okay… it’ll be okay.

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