Another one to add to the list…

Just wanted to pop in with an interesting update. Over the last year, I have been out with:

  • an ex-shock jock
  • a man with long golden hair and fluffy mutton-chop sideburns
  • an Elvis Tribute Artist
  • an Irish Cowboy

And now I can add ex-MTV VJ.

It’s not Alan Hunter.

7 thoughts on “Another one to add to the list…

  1. Donna Post author

    ED LOVER!!!! C’mon!

    I wouldn’t mind dating Dan Cortese.

    You have it easy because you can check out my FB page (I just liked his official FB page)! I don’t want to say his name here because the guy is really plugged in and he’ll find me out but let’s just say his last name is contained in the word Toxicology. (Of course in a few more dates, I’ll let him in on this little outpost)

    And for what it’s worth, I don’t recall him as a VJ, I think it was a short stint in 1987.

  2. Rob

    Yes, you’ll have to invite this nice young man over so we can discuss your future and what his intentions are.

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