Video Connections, Come Away with Me

Watching Marty Stuart’s Tempted video for the umpteenth time, I noticed the ending has a lot in common with another video…

At 00:04:13, Marty wants to talk to the pretty girl but he’s ushered away and all he can do is shrug, smile, and wave.

SAME EXACT THING HAPPENS in this video by the Moody Blues!

Of course, the Moody Blues video is by far the better video because it contains not only a black and white flashback but a dance sequence and a lesson in personal development.

I have a strong feeling rock performers have been dragged away from pretty girls in other videos too. I just can’t think of any, can you?

In other news, I actually got a text message from that ETA I hooked up with WEEKS ago. He sent me a recording of either him or Elvis singing this lovely ditty:

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