South Carolina Trip

Anyone located in South Carolina? I’m gonna be on Fripp Island for 7 days starting on Thursday. I am hoping to do NOTHING but sit on a porch, look out at the ocean, swim, sun, and drink alcohol. My mother and sister will be with me and so I am sure we will also laugh an awful lot and cry an awful lot… that’s typically what we do anymore. Little Bo will also be with us. I can’t wait to see him chin spin in the salty surf! He’s quite a sea dog.

It’s funny but the last few weeks I have been daydreaming of Key West. It’s funny because I don’t recall liking it that much when I was there but somehow I feel a draw to go back. I think I just need a vacation. A break from all of this crap. If I could just shut down for a week, maybe I can re-emerge charged and ready to take on the world?

2 thoughts on “South Carolina Trip

  1. CGHill

    I spent eight years in South Carolina, and that strikes me as an admirable agenda (though I was too young to drink when I was there).

    Maybe Pat Conroy will come out and say hi.

  2. B. Davis

    I met Pat Conroy at a book signing a few years ago.
    A very nice man. And South Carolina is a place that’s
    located right next to heaven.

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