Whatta day

I volunteered at a job fair today… and am now exhausted. UTTERLY EXHAUSTED.

It’s funny but this morning I read my horoscope and it said there would be a person who would crap on my parade and it was up to me to rise above the negative vibes. Can you believe it but my horoscope was absolutely correct!

Out of all the people that I worked with, there was one giant idiot who acted so rudely toward me I could barely believe it. I gave him a FREE 5 minute consultation and when I suggested he buy my book to help him make the proper updates, he acted like I was trying to sell him some sort of medicine show elixir.

Unfortunately, unlike my horoscope, I did not make light of his comments. I confronted him, told him I didn’t appreciate his manner and asked him to leave. He then called me a bitch and left. Wanna know what? He was right. I am. PROUD OF IT! I will NOT allow anyone… ANYONE to treat me like crap. Especially after I sacrificed a day’s worth of work to go to a career fair and help job seekers.

There were probably over a hundred other people who were really awesome. So… I am beginning to think I am going to need to do a better job at letting go of this negative crap.

UPDATE… I just realized there was another jerk in attendance. A real passive aggressive type. In fact I just got an email from him that made me realize he was even worse that I thought.

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