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Yesterday Lisa and I drove all over creation looking for a simple desk for me. As I am sure I have said, I am running my company from a desk purchased from IKEA back in 1985. Attached to the desk are Garbage Pail Kid and kitty cats stickers. It’s time for a desk that doesn’t shame me.

My Desk

Eventually we ended up at The Dump where I found a desk I quite liked:
Wynwood Furniture Palisade L-Shaped Desk and HutchWynwood - Palisade File Cabinet in Dark Sable
I said I wanted it and the salesman said, “We’re sold out… but you can have the floor model.”

“But I want a new one!”

Two hours of decision-making aided by beer later and the promise of 20% off the floor model, I gave him my credit card. Oh, and I also bought a chair and a…. BED! And I also decided I need a great mirror I found at Yeah, I know… insanity. But the bed perfectly matches my bedroom furniture and it was REALLY REALLY cheap. And I need a decent mirror in the bedroom. Plus the chair completes the office.

Everything will be delivered next week. I can hardly wait!

Bye Bye Garbage Pail Kids!

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