Speaking of Vibrators, Baby Baby

Here’s one of my favorites:

I agree it’s not the best video… I can’t find anything better.

But I did find Die Toten Hosen doing a cover:

This will always be my favorite Roten Rosen/Toten Hosen song:

I can’t find an English translation (I’d Do Anything For Gaby). Maybe if I get bored I’ll do it… one day.

3 thoughts on “Speaking of Vibrators, Baby Baby

  1. gerald harrington

    Hi Donna. Like the energy. The albumn cover sure looks a lot like “Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols!”

  2. Donna Post author

    Yeah, total homage to the Sex Pistols… the album is a favorite of mine. The album is German Schlager done to a punk beat.

    It was given to me by my old German boyfriend, Heiko. He had crossed out the name Gabi and wrote in Donna, which to this day still makes my heart flutter a bit. He also attached a B&W picture of himself sporting a mullet. 🙂

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