A Telephone Conversation
“Ray’s HVAC, can you hold?”HVAC Nightmares
“Ray’s HVAC, how can I help you?”
“Is this the answering service or the office?”
“It’s the answering service, how can I help you?”
“I need to talk to Ray.”
“Is this Donna X, 666 Brimstone and Hellfire?”
“How did you know that?”
“You must have called before because you are in our computer system.”
“Does your computer system also report that I’m the biatch that screams at Ray at least 3 times every year?”
“No, Ma’am, it doesn’t say that in our system.”
“Well let him know it’s that time again, my air conditioner has stopped working.”
“I’ll have him call you… Thank you so much! Buh Bye!”

Yes. It’s true. My air conditioner… less than 5 years old is on the fritz again. It happened on Friday. I turned it off. Changed the filter. Decided to give it some time off. Left it off for a couple days. Finally today, I decided it was time to check on it. Damn thing isn’t working. The inside fan turns on and blows non-refrigerated air. The outside fan doesn’t turn on at all. It is also emitting a sharp humming sound.

He’s been around twice this year so this next visit will be #3. The unit blew a fuse AND it leaked. Last year it leaked. I am trying to get together all my invoices that I’ve paid over the last 5 years. I can’t imagine that this is acceptable behavior. Like I said to him the last time he was out, “Ray, you’re a nice guy but I was really hoping to go at least 10 – 15 years before I had to see you again.”

7 thoughts on “YOU SOLD ME A LEMON!

  1. B. Davis

    Speaking of Ray….

    About 8 years ago my AC went on the fritz (not a good thing in Texas). I called Ray at Avery Air Conditioning in Dallas for an estimate on a new unit. Ray showed up personally on my doorstep and surveyed the existing system. His company has bragged for years in radio and TV commercials that they practically work for no profit….so I collected a turnkey installation bid from him and from two other local AC companies. Ray’s bid was THE HIGHEST. Moral: Caveat Emptor. Oh, and my now 8 year old unit? Still working just fine.

    Oh, here’s Ray on television…he’s the pudgy faced goober in the blue shirt. Maybe his “expert” advice will
    benefit you…

  2. Donna Post author

    I was such an idiot– I collected no estimates– I just went with Ray because a commenter on this very blog recommended him and that was good enough for me at the time. Silly Silly Girl. Although, honestly, Ray could have still been the one I chose… how would I have known I would get such a crappy unit?

    I finally talked to Ray about an hour ago and I kept saying, “But Ray, this unit is less than 5 years old! How come it keeps breaking down? What type of warranty do I have on this unit? Why does it keep breaking down? WHY WHY WHY!”

    And Ray blames everyone… it’s the electric company because they play with the wattage or something… it’s the rain… it’s normal wear and tear…

    I don’t know what I want to hear from him…”I sold you a crap unit?” It’s not like he’s going to give me a new one.

    Is it time to find a new guy? But if I do that … he’s still dealing with the crap unit. I’ll just be trading people.

    Recently I was going through my old files and reorganizing and the one thing I realized is, I had no idea what to throw away and what to keep. I’ve gotten better at determining what documentation is important and what I can throw… BUT apparently I still need to learn how to deal with contractors.

  3. B. Davis

    Here’s another report from Consumer’s Hell:
    a couple of years ago my car’s “service engine” light came on while I lived in North Dakota. I took the car to 2 mechanics who ran diagnostics on the engine and couldn’t find the root problem. In North Dakota, there are no mandatory car inspections, so I just lived with this mysterious automotive condition. I move back to Texas where car inspections are mandatory, and guess what….a “service engine light” that stays on means that
    a car can’t pass inspection….ergo, it’s not street legal.
    Today yet another mechanic ran diagnostics and couldn’t locate the problem. Tomorrow I go searching for another mechanic. YOU ARE CORRECT when you say that achieving customer satisfaction is a crap shoot.
    Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you get shafted.

  4. B. Davis

    And report 2 from Consumer Hell: about 4 years ago
    the clutch on my car needed replacement and I took it
    to Firestone. The first installation didn’t work….the second installation failed….the THIRD try failed….and
    FINALLY on the fourth try they got it right. FIRESTONE

  5. Gomer

    I would remove the units, wrap them in an official notice from a lawyer, google Ray’s home address and pay him a visit. Depositing the junk on his front door will get his attention. Doing it at midnight would be better yet.

    You’ve been snookered. Time to fight back. You have defended Elvis with more passion than you are displaying in this matter. Get mad, then creative, and finally…get going.

    If this were my problem? Ray would not get much sleep in the coming weeks.

  6. CGHill

    I have a unit that’s fairly close to crap – some of its parts are darn near unique, which is never a good sign – but I’ve managed to keep it working for seven years, and it was seven years old when I got here.

  7. Audra

    Don, have you tried to call the company who manufactured the unit, whatever brand it is? Maybe if you talk to their public relations person you’ll get some satisfaction from them.

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