Kick-Ass, Withnail and I, Kicked my Ads

Last night, Pookie and I went to Acme where we picked up a RedBox movie, Kick-Ass. I thought it was going to be a silly comedy, similar to Super Bad.

I was wrong.

It kinda started out like one. But then it veered away into something really dark and disturbing. It was somewhere between the introduction of a precocious, rough-talking, 11-year old, martial arts expert, a man being cooked in an industrial microwave and the broadcast of an execution online that I realized, “I don’t have to put myself through this!” And I got up and walked away.

This thinking has served me well. I’ve left Punch Drunk Love, Prêt-à-Porter, Excess Baggage, Independence Day, and Superman Returns. I’m sure there were others that I can’t remember. Getting up and leaving is usually the most exhilarating and gratifying part of the movie.

Of course, with Kick-Ass, I just left the living room and went up to the loft. So it’s not quite the same.

Still, watching Kick-Ass, the lead character seemed very familiar to me. This morning as I poured my coffee, I figured out he reminded me of I in Withnail & I. Okay, the character’s name was Marwood.
Marwood from Withnail & I looks like Kick-AssKickass looks like Marwood

That might have been a better movie. Two inebriated students, dressed like superheroes, decide to go on vacation, and have to fight off the advances of Uncle Monty using their superpowers! I’d pay a dollar to see that one!

11 thoughts on “Kick-Ass, Withnail and I, Kicked my Ads

  1. Audra

    I want to see that new one where the kid from Superbad has to fight his new girlfriend’s 7 evil exes. It looks very comic booky.

  2. B. Davis

    Putting potty words in the mouths of babes has never appealed to me. Did you see The Last Boy Scout
    (1991)? Were you offended when the little boy dropped an F-Bomb in Jerry McGuire? This borders of child exploitation…I’ve seen reviewers compare Kick-Ass to child porn, and that’s why I’ll never see it.
    (I walked out of Pulp Fiction during the anal rape scene…
    and fell asleep during Interview With A Vampire and The English Patient).

  3. Gomer

    If you left Pulp Fiction, I hope you rejoined it a later date, lest you miss the best line in the movie. When Marcellus responds to Butch’s question “what now?” Absolute classic.

  4. B. Davis

    I realize that many people consider Pulp Fiction to be a film classic. Jackie Brown is a much more entertaining Tarantino movie than P.F., in my opinion.
    Yes, I’ve seen the whole P.F. movie on cable TV because friends and relatives watch it…so there’s no escaping it. The best line of Pulp Fiction is “English, Do You Speak It, (Expletive)?”

  5. Kozaburo

    I loved Punch Drunk, but was disappointed in Kick-Ass. Coulda been a profoundly dramatic and powerful film, and instead was turned into a comic book complete with happy ending (boy gets girl in movie, but most definitely not in the original comic). Oh, and I hate the way mafia are portrayed in comics and comic book movies and shows (e.g. Heroes… whoever heard of a capofamiglia named “Lindermann”).

    So what made you get up and out of Kick Ass? The acting, the silly characters, the utterly implausible romance, or the violence?

  6. Donna Post author

    The violence– it’s always the violence that gets me. I don’t mind silliness, stupidity, implausibility… it’s the sick, immoral, violence that I can’t stand.

    I will grit my teeth and avert my eyes but still I squirm… and then I think, “Wait! Why am I putting myself through this? I don’t need to deal with this!” And I get up and leave.

  7. B. Davis

    Tha’s right. The main purpose of movie-going is
    ENTERTAINMENT. It’s not supposed to be a walk-on-coals, bamboo-under-the-fingernails ordeal.

    By the way, wassup with this “I can read your I.P. address” stuff? Is there something more revealing about that number than an e-mail address? If I post
    something online, I stand by it and done care who knows what I’ve said or where I’ve said it.

  8. Donna Post author

    IP Addresses can offer a location– not bull’s eye but you can tell where the person is located, which is kinda nice. Plus, WordPress logs IP Addresses. All this means is, if you posted once as B.Davis and then posted again with another name, I can tell that it’s the same person based on the IP. This just weeds out the wackos and my neighbor Peter who likes to go by many different aliases on this blog. 🙂

    I don’t know if you remember but there was one commenter here who posted rather regularly and then out of nowhere started posting some really insulting things about me under a different name thinking I couldn’t tell — but I could because the IP addresses were the same.

    Is this too much information? Now you know if you want to post with an alias and pretend to be someone else, use a different computer. 🙂

  9. B. Davis

    I often mistype and think that I’ve passed a spell-checker test. Don’t sweat it. People are human, not
    machines. I don’t give a rat’s a$$ if people know what my I.P. address is. If they don’t like my comments, they can like it or lump it 🙂
    I have never intended to insult Donna or fool her…
    if I express an opinion contrary to hers, I know she may
    object, but she’s an intelligent and inquisitive person…that’s why I like her website 🙂

    Gomer, I love many of Elvis’ musical creations, but I think that the Elvis’ cinematic productions are too predictable and formulaic . He’s obviously one of the greatest, most charismatic entertainers in history, and his stage presence is without parallel.

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