I need to find my Tony Robbins book and reread the last chapter. The one about procrastination.

I have a proposal to write. It was due Monday. Today is Wednesday. I have to do it. And it’s not painful to do. I know it’s not painful to do. WHY AM I HOLDING OFF? I hate writing proposals. HATE IT! Why? Because I hate having to think about cost. I hate knowing that I may possibly face rejection. I hate not being sure of what to write. I hate feeling that I didn’t correctly deduce their need. I hate worrying that I didn’t build enough profit into it. I hate not knowing if I am too high… or even worse, too low. I hate not feeling confident.

Okay, so what do I like about writing proposals. I love getting them off my desk. I love getting the order. I love making money. I love being able to move on.

Why am I still not ready to write this thing?

3 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Gomer

    You’ll find if you try to hate a little less, those things you love will win out. Applies to more than just proposals.

  2. Donna Post author

    Love the video, Peter! (I read IP Addresses)

    And you are right, Gomer. Absolutely right. But the question is… How?

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