Messy Office Proletariat

I read the blogs: Design Sponge and Making It Lovely and Pink of Perfection and Posie Gets Cosy, and a few others that are centered around design and lifestyle and food. And whenever they show workspaces/desks/offices, they are always so nice and clean. And I wonder… why can’t I have such a clean workspace? How do they do it? Why can’t I throw anything away?

In other news, I am loving the stories coming out about Russian spies being apprehended! I just hope that this means the return of the good ole America Vs Russia movie! I miss having Russia as our enemy! At least in the movies! Let’s hope some producer reads this latest news and gets inspired!

One thought on “Messy Office Proletariat

  1. Kozaburo

    The Russian spies seem to have been living in poverty! Not exactly what I expected of the KGB of the movies (or whatever they call it now).

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