Walmart Service Dog

On Saturday I went to Walmart and I brought Bobo with me in his little carry bag. Now, I’ve taken Bo with me to supermarkets, the mall, restaurants, movie theaters, etc… and I’ve never been stopped. This time was different. The Walmart Greeter stopped me and said, “Sorry, no dogs allowed!”

“But he’s a service animal.” My Emotional Support Puppy Goes Shopping

“You’re not blind!”

“I didn’t say he was a seeing eye dog. He’s my emotional support dog, I must have him with me at all times.”

“Oh, I see… Hey there little fellah, you’re a cutie, aren’t you!”

“Please don’t disrupt a service animal when he’s working!”

“I am so sorry!”

I thought the issue was resolved but somehow the store manager was alerted and he insisted he see Bobo’s service animal papers.


12 thoughts on “Walmart Service Dog

  1. Service Dawgs

    Emotional Support Dogs aren’t service dogs under the federal law, so unless your state has a law permitting Emotional Support Dogs in public places, Walmart was right to kick you out.

    If your dog had been any type of trained Service Dog (such as a Psychiatric Service Dog), then they would have been in the wrong to ask for proof and to kick you out. But that only applies to dogs who have been trained to do mitigating tasks and to behave in public settings (not saying your dog wasn’t behaving, just saying that is a requirement of the law) – and you must be disabled, of course, (some people think having a diagnosis is enough, but you have to be actually disabled).

  2. Donna Post author

    Bo isn’t my emotional support dog– he’s my little bundle of love. I was just trying to mitigate the situation so I could go in, get my goods, and get out. The only reason I posted it was because I got such a kick out of telling the greeter not to interrupt Bo.

  3. B. Davis

    Your dog looks smarter and friendlier than most Walmart greeters. Why were you in WalMart?
    Did you not already have enough lead-contaminated Chinese junk in your Donna Villa?

    One day when you’re bored, go into Walmart and attempt to find ANYTHING made in the USA. Good luck with that one! (Chinese economy booming…USA economy stagnant…hmmmm….do I see a connection?)

  4. Donna Post author

    I was at Walmart trying to buy cheap chicken. I don’t cast Walmart as the bad guys. But you know who I do blame, but let’s not get into it. 🙂

  5. Mike F

    I have seen some of the people they let in Walmart and I think Bo might have been an upgrade for them. Kicked out of Walmart, you are my heroine.

  6. gomer

    Houligan! How dare your clean, manicured and obviously spoiled pooch invade the land of the people that hygiene forgot!

  7. rosalie

    ‘The land that hygiene forgot.’ This could be the new definition for Walmart. Once again I am impressed by the wit I read on Donnaville. Thank you for brightening my day.

  8. B. Davis

    Way back in the 80s Walmart opened one of its “Hypermarts” to great fanfare in my hometown. I was there for the grand opening, and I witnessed Sam Walmart, the multi-billionaire titan, dedicate new his baby. Years later the building turned into a run-down Mexican Mercado (I live in Texas…what else would it become?). Now this mammoth building sits empty, a symbol of urban decay. I don’t expect anyone to read this article any great detail, but please skim:

  9. Denise

    My daughter is 16 and has a diabetic alert dog. This dog is trained and legimate. I am sorry but it is these kinds of actions that make it hard for us. She gets stopped alot and questioned. Claiming a pet is a service dog when it is not is a Federal offence is punishable with fines and penalties and even jail. There are also state laws that may be broken thus more fines and jail time. All I’m saying is please don’t hurt those who actually need these animals for your own selfishness.

  10. Donna Post author

    You are totally right Denise. I was being a wise a$$. Believe me when I say that I never meant to hurt anyone.

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