Had another odd, vibrant dream. Dreamt I was a male gangster involved in a bank heist. Left my henchman in the dust as I sped away in the getaway car. Felt no guilt or remorse. Went into hiding and disguised myself as a Bettie Page-type, just broader and muscular. I could feel the authorities closing in but I refused to give up. I went out in a blaze of glory.

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  1. Audra

    Last night I dreamed I was at my great-grandmother (who died when I was 16)’s apartment, and a man was trying to break in to steal all these vintage dresses that she had in her closet. I told her to hide in the bathtub and when the man broke through the door I threatened him with scissors, but he kept coming so I stabbed him in the neck and told him to get out or I would do it again, but he kept coming for the dresses so I opened and closed the scissors in his neck until he was practically decapitated and fell over!

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