Sweet & Sour Dreams

I had such a vividly real dream that was totally insane and my alarm clock woke me up right in the middle of it. I dreamt I was on my way to my cousin Chris’s wedding to the woman who is already his wife. The wedding was at a Chinese restaurant and the bride and groom wore matching Pierrot the clown outfits. Lisa and I were in the wedding as bridesmaids and we wore dresses made out of long blue fur. Lisa didn’t want to sit with the other guests and so we found another room full of men wearing tuxedos and top hats. One of the tuxedoed men told me he didn’t feel well and he needed cantaloupe. I found some diced up real fine sitting on a silver tray. There was more to the dream that I can’t quite remember… something to do with a promenade and Lisa embarrassing me.

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