Dealing with plumbing issues

I had a trying couple of days. Remember how I said my shower was finished? Well I was wrong. It wasn’t finished. The shower knob no longer controlled the temperature of the water. Yeah, you read that right: I couldn’t adjust the water temperature. And I kept asking my contractor to come back and fix it but he was busy and it took awhile to get him back out here.

On Sunday he stopped by with a plumber working for Marines Plumbing and as they turned off the water so they could fix the shower, the water valve or whatever the thing is snapped. My water was off. They fixed the shower and then told me they would be back on Monday and I should have the Water Authority out to turn the water off from outside.

Monday morning I called the Water Authority and the guy tried to extort 180.00 out of me. Yeah. He said it would cost me because it was a holiday. I held my own and he ended up coming out free of charge.

My contractor and his plumber swapped out the broken valves or whatever the heck they are and my water is back on. HOORAY! I was surprised at how well I did without water. Minus the whole inability to flush, it wasn’t too bad. I got through it. And I am hoping this is the end of house repairs for at least a year.

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