I am up! Awake! Sipping on my coffee infused with vitamins. Vitamins in coffee? Yes, I put a scoop of Nesquik in it. Sure it’s for kids but I can also reap the benefits, right? I’m sure it’s just as good as Centrum. Besides, I heard somewhere that people actually poop out most vitamins undigested. So Nesquik it is.

I think I am pretty much recovered from the wedding. If anything now I must recover from the gardening. Today, in addition to my work, I really must do some straightening of my office, bedroom and bathroom. It’s not bad, I just need to do a little work to make sure it doesn’t get bad. Tonight is 24. I am struggling to remember where Jack Bauer left off last week. He was hijacking a plane and the president wants to shoot it down. I think that’s it. Was there more? How much longer do we have to go with this series? I am beginning to think it is best to just wait for the DVD and watch it quickly over a period of nights. This spreading it out just ain’t working for me.