one in ten doesn’t really seem to mind

Today was quite productive. I awoke at 7 and flipped on Elvis and Friends. It was another repeat from last year. I realized it when Rockin’ Ron played Ricky Nelson’s Fools Rush In and then followed it with Elvis’s version. I hope Rockin’ Ron is just on vacation. Around 9, Lisa and I weeded our garden and tidied up the decorative rocks. What did I do after the gardening? I know I dowloaded the pictures from Audra’s wedding. After I cleaned them up and sorted the good from the bad, I uploaded them to the viewmaster. That couldn’t have taken me very long. Goodness, maybe this really wasn’t a very productive day at all! I can’t seem to account for the time between 11 and 4. I hope to goodness sake I wasn’t abducted by aliens. At 4, Lisa and I drove home and picked up mom. Together we visited George and Barbara. At 6 we went back home and had dinner with dad. Wait, I do remember what I did for at least a little while during the afternoon! I sat outside on my back patio and did a crossword puzzle. I feel a little better now. No need to worry about repressed anal probes.

4 thoughts on “one in ten doesn’t really seem to mind

  1. Craig N.

    The “Anal Probing Aliens” sketch was my very favorite of the Kids in the Hall sketches, and they had lots and lots of really good ones. Loved that show and never got tired of the opening theme, either.

  2. Donna

    Wow I AM IMPRESSED – I didn’t think anyone was going to catch the KITH reference! Are you my soulmate?

  3. Craig N.

    Just acknowledging the possibility makes me feel all warm and tingly-like. 🙂

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