Eve Report

Lisa and I drove home in the late afternoon. I helped mom prepare dinner. She had most of it done, there wasn’t much left for me to do. We ate our usual Christmas Eve dinner: mushroom soup, peirogis, aglio e olio, and smelts. My mom baked something new for us, minced meat pie. She had just taken it out of the oven and I had the distinct impression it would taste better once it had a chance to sit a day and cool. At 7:30 we took off for church. After Mirovanije, my father gave the priest a Christmas present. It was a DVD of the movie Absolute Warhola. My father and I saw it at the Ritz Theater in Philly a few years ago. It is a documentary about the village where Andy Warhol’s parents were born. (It’s not far from where my family is from!) My dad thought Myron would enjoy it since it captures our roots pretty well. After church we opened the presents. We have never opened presents on Christmas Eve before but it seemed like the best thing to do since today Lisa and I are going to Washington Crossing to watch the reenactment of Washington cross the Delaware. After that we are going to our neighbor’s house for appetizers. By the time we are home, it will be evening.

Here’s my list of loot:
Supergirl fleece pajama bottoms
A leather purse from Stone Mountain
Conair double-sidded lighted mirror
Conair Pouring Rain Shower Head
Heat pad
Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark Squares
Tiger-striped shirt
6 pairs of socks
Two sticks of Chapstick
TJMaxx Gift Card
A small compact and a tub of hair gel
Smartparts Personal Digital Keychain Photo Album
Second and Third Seasons of WONDER WOMAN!
Third Season of LA FEMME NIKITA
Flannel Sheets
Box of Maker’s Mark Chocolates

It was ten times more than I ever expected. So nice!

1 thought on “Eve Report

  1. Steve Trevor

    I hope you got a chance to see the two Good Times Christmas-themed episodes tonight. It ain’t easy being cheesy – the second episode (1978; “Traveling Christmas” featured Robert Goulet and Johnny Mathis imitations) set the bar pretty high.

    Most readers of your blog are very lucky; we have more material wealth (whether we realize it or not) than 90% of the world – and reasonably-priced broadband to boot šŸ™‚

    I’m heading to Europe on Tuesday; best wishes for an outstanding end-of-year and for all of 2006.

    Try to keep Ricki Lake on-track šŸ™‚

    I hope that in the course of your travels to Chicago, that you’ll get to attend a taping of The Jerry Springer show. They film two episodes per night, and I have to tell you, it’s worth the time. I’ve met the nicest people…



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