Howling at the flames

I had a nice evening. John came over and I made him and Lisa dinner. John requested 3 cheese tortellini with prosciutto and peas in a white cream sauce. He even told me there was a recipe on the Food Channel’s Web site. I found the recipe. It was pretty ridiculous, making your own sauce and sauteing garlic, etc… After work, I went to Acme and bought a jar of Ragu Alfredo sauce. When I heated the sauce I threw in a handful of frozen peas and some Bacos. Nice homemade touch, I thought.

After dinner we lit a fire. You should have seen Bo! He was mesmerized by the flames. Lisa said she was pretty sure he would howl if we howled all together. And so we howled. And Lisa was right! Little Bo started howling too! I think John was pretty impressed.

Now I need to clean up. Ugh!

5 thoughts on “Howling at the flames

  1. Audra

    Sounds good. Earlier this week I made my own crockpot creation with chicken breasts, cream of asparagus soup and quartered sweet potatoes. I threw in some cinnamon and some dried cranberries to give it more of a fall flavor, and it turned out dee-licious. I love crockpots!

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