I can’t find my Davy Jones finger puppet doll. Micky is sitting on my bookshelf right next to Grow up Skipper, but no Davy. Ever since the move, Davy has been at large. I just figured he’d show up somewhere. But he hasn’t! My room is a mess. He is probably buried under some pile. I have to clean– I mean major cleaning. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I seem to have some sort of nesting complex where I like to surround myself with garbage.

This afternoon Lisa and I went to McDonald’s for lunch. I haven’t been to McDonald’s in years! The reason we went was to get the Adult Happy Meal with pedometer. In fact, I have it hanging from my waistband. 1072 steps.


1. Clean office area.
2. Clean sleeping area.
3. Clean utility closet.
4. Clean laundry closet
5. Do laundry.
6. Weed!
7. Plant plants.
8. Watch 8 1/2
9. Watch The Night of the Following Day.
10. Watch Umbrellas of Cherbourg