Sunday night

I did workout last night and I did do a crossword puzzle but then I departed from my plan. Instead of watching 8 1/2, I talked to my mother on the phone and then I putzed on the Internet. At around 11:00 I decided to go to sleep but sleep would not come. At about 12:00, I got up, fired up my computer and worked on my CRM database project until 3:00. Once I climbed back into bed, I quickly fell asleep and had odd dreams about Fidel Castro. He asked me to visit Cuba because he wanted to prove to me that the Cuban people loved him as a ruler. Cuba seemed very much like the Westin-Copley Hotel in Boston and everyone ran around talking about Macromedia Flash. I felt such a kinship with these computer-loving Cubans but I felt that I wasn’t really getting the whole story from Fidel. Finally I confronted him and instead of defending himself he simply threw me on a plane back to Florida. As I was in the air, I realized Fidel stole my luggage and was no doubt trying on my dresses.

This morning I worked again on the CRM project. Then I had lunch with Barbara and George and afterward helped them with their computer. I came back to the house and talked to Audra on the phone. Once I hung up with her, my mom came over and helped me re-pot my dying plant. Then she brought me home for dinner. My dad made hamburgers and my mom made Watergate Salad. After dinner we watched Cold Case and then I went back to the Donna villa. Here I have sat since then, working on the CRM project, reading emails, and blogging. My dreams are more interesting than my life.

5 thoughts on “Sunday night

  1. jewdez

    #1 – I love Cold Case
    and #2 – what in the world is it with weird dreams lately?

    I dreamt that my husband had two kids when he was 10?! and they were back to live with us. He told me in front of my highschool class most of which I haven’t seen in 10 years?! Go figure. Then again it prolly has something to due with me getting an invitation to my hs 10 year reunion.

    đŸ™‚ and i’m so craving a salad right now…mmmmm.

  2. david

    What a crazy dream! I rarely remember mine, so it’s quite interesting to hear what other people dream about.

    Fidel Castro…weird.

  3. Jason

    Ha ha, the 10 yr reunion is funny. You see a lot of people and how much weight they have gained over the last few years. Its funny also to see the popular and how well they have made it in the world. Anyways have a good one and don’t work too hard. What type of person were you?

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