2020 24 hours ago

I’ve been meaning to pop by here to mention the passing of Dustbury, aka Charles Hill. I started blogging on my own domain in September 2001. I blogged and blogged but very few people paid attention to me. And then one day I got a pingback from a site called Dustbury.  Suddenly I was hanging with the cool kids… at least cool kids by my definition. I loved it when he deemed something I wrote funny enough to post on Dustbury.com. Made me feel special. On one of his world tours, he stopped by to visit. Got to meet the man in person!

Not sure exactly when it happened but it was an intersection of a bunch of things. Facebook, smartphones, the start of my own business, but I found myself posting less and less.  I kept up with Charles mainly on Facebook.

Couple years back, I knew he was struggling and so I started a GoFundMe for him. It did pretty well. Kept him going, I think.

Looking back, it seems to me it was this last year that it became super clear that he wasn’t doing good, wasn’t getting better, and he seemed ready to exit the world.

He posted a blog entry of a rearview mirror reflecting a graveyard. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

Couple days later Dawn Eden messaged me that he was in a car accident and passed away.

Charles was so prolific… but it was on his blog. All his time and effort and beauty, rendered in 1s and 0s. I keep visiting, wanting a new post, dreading a 404. Everything is ephemeral.


2 thoughts on “2020 24 hours ago

  1. Heather Gaetani

    My cousin Shannon and I each received the captain zoom happy birthday records when we were six this year is our 50th birthdays and I was wondering if you know where I can buy the 45 record or 33 1/3 version of the captain zoom happy birthday Shannon? I Know that they have the MP3 version and the CD but I was hoping to get the original version and bring my old Hardy boys record player to play it on for her birthday ha ha Ha
    You can just text me and let me know I would really appreciate it! Mine just passed July 21 and hers is not until November 25 so I do have time but they just got me good with some Vintage memories so I need to plan some paybacks lol

  2. Heather Gaetani

    Correction from previous post and questions! Actually it is a 33 1/3 floppy record I remember so that’s what I want not a CD.

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