Things are moving fast…

Hi Mom, Meet ManSo I got on eHarmony in November. Sometime in late December I was matched with a rather unattractive but very tall fellow. On January 8th, I called him and we talked. On January 11th, I met him at Unos Pizzeria and within moments found myself swooning.

Yes, I am aware I am nothing but a human Labrador. Anyone who scratches behind my ear gets my love. I am hoping this is different and it’s not just because he likes me. I think it is different. It feels different.

We have talked to each other almost every day since and seen each other whenever we can. Yesterday I introduced him to my mom and sister. They apparently approve. Of course, they are still not over Big E’s dismissal but I figure if they are able to accept a 6 foot 5, long-haired mechanic with insanely bushy mutton chops, they should be able to accept a 6 foot 5 divorced man with two daughters who works at Bank of America.

BTW, Eddie’s not that unattractive at all! He’s just unphotogenic.

In other news…

Something occurred today. I felt a whiff of spring. I know this is insane since it’s not warm at all but maybe it was the accumulation of daylight… it was 5:00 and not pitch black. I felt a sense of hope… renewal. Warmth is coming. Spring is coming.

Lisa and I went to Florida last week. Just in time for a cold spell. We froze our asses off. Here’s a picture of me in my bikini by the pool:

bikini pic

Despite the coldness, I enjoyed my time in Florida. It was nice just to get the heck out of Dodge.

It’s funny how life just keeps on keepin’ on. I look ahead only to find myself looking behind.

2 thoughts on “Things are moving fast…

  1. Rob

    OK, well I guess your family is important and all, but we who read your blog also have to have some input, don’t we? 6′ 5″ is tall, but not freakishly so. This gives you the option of wearing whatever shoes you like, which I have learned is one thing women enjoy. A bank is a nice stable job, indicates a normal person.

    Of course, there is one way to get to the bottom of this. Who is his favorite Monkee? If he passes that test we can all approve with a clear conscience.

  2. Donna Post author

    Omigosh! I never asked him who his favorite Monkee is… clearly this is make or break time… I will ask and then report back.

    I feel pretty confident because he has a 3/4 chance to get it right in my mind. PETER TORK IS A DORK!

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