I have spent most of my life single and Valentine’s Day was always a day that I experienced as a voyeur. I would watch from the shadows as girls got flowers and chocolates. I always imagined that one day I might be the recipient of such fantastic bounty. And yet somehow, it never really happened.

Even in a relationship, Valentine’s Day was something I was denied. Gosh, I still remember that Valentine’s Day 2 years ago (or was it 3?) that I cooked a big meal and gave PB a cute gift, only to be told that he bought me NOTHING. NOTHING! The funny part is I really didn’t want much. I would have been happy with one carnation or a single peppermint patty. Even with such extremely low expectations, I was left disappointed. Over and over again. Yes, I have all my limbs and control over my bodily functions… how dare I be upset over something so silly and insignificant as Valentine’s Day? Well I was. Why couldn’t I be the girl that was desired and treasured and loved and adored?

At any rate, everything changed yesterday. The E-Man, without any prodding, pushing, or begging, gave me the most lovely Valentine’s Day EVER! Flowers? Yes! Box of Chocolates? Yes, 2! And my favorite kind! Dinner? YES! In front of the fire! With duraflame logs that shot out colored flames!

It was wonderful. It was more than I ever wanted or dreamed. I felt like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world.

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  1. B. Davis

    Davy Jones dead at 66. My God, I feel old. I saw Jones and the other Monkees perform in Texas in 1986. My whole freaking day has been ruined.

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