Hello? You there?

Gosh, I’ve been quiet. It’s hard. I don’t want to write about business and when I am not conducting business, I am dating… or trying to date. And I did say that I don’t want to love blog this time which really throws a wrench into the whole blogging about my life thing I got going on here.

It seems like it’s either feast or famine. I am either dating tons of guys or I can’t find a date. Right now I am feasting. I’ve been out with a very nice gentleman who stands 6’7, with long, silky blond hair and thick mutton chop sideburns, 3 times. I’ve also gone out 3 times with a 50-something-year-old man with 4 kids, ages 17-24. Oddly enough, I met neither man on Match. But no more love blogging from me. That’s all I will say.

What else? I don’t know. I saw my favorite band, The Rivers Rockabilly Trio perform last Friday. It was fantastic! Danced my ass off.

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