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I just got off the phone with an eHarmony match.  I was surprised to receive a call so late on a Friday but since he got my number from a dating site, he clearly figured I was free… and I was.  At any rate, what a conversation!  After finding out what high school I attended (a rival of his) he became beligerent and accused me of vandalizing the rock in front of his school.  I was so confused and wasn’t sure how to behave.  Was he teasing?  If so, why did he seem so serious?  Could he really think I was responsible? He seemed very obsessed with High School which is odd since he’s now in his forties. He then got on the topic of his sister having four children.  He seemed to think it wasn’t right even though her husband was a lawyer and made good money and she loved kids.  I told him I am a Libertarian and believe in live and let live.  He then started bashing Ron Paul and the Liberty movement. 

“You know, I’m just not feeling it.  It was nice talking to you but I gotta go.”

He then called me a bitch and slammed down the phone. 

This is the second time I’ve been called a bitch and hung up on.

My eHarmony membership expires today.  I am not renewing.  It’s not because of tonight’s a$$hole.  It’s mainly because the matches are physically incompatible with me.  Dating a man who is 5 foot 4 is not an option for me regardless of our other 27 dimensions of compatibility.  Besides, I have begun to suspect most of the men are not active.  They allow you to see who has viewed your profile and my profile is viewed by very few men.  It’s time to move on and reinvest the 50 dollars in a different company. 

So… Catholic Match or just regular Match?  Which one should I join?  There’s something so nice about Catholic Match.  Yes, I am a horrible Catholic but I do seem to get on better with Catholics.  I chalk it up to common background.  But how can I join as a lapsed cafeteria Catholic?  It seems so hypocritical. 

And Match seems to attract men who aren’t all that serious. 

What to do, what to do?

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  1. Kozaburo

    Catholic Match attracts serious men. Match occasionally attracts serious men. Mention Ron Paul up front since everyone except the Paulians thinks Paulians are nuts. Also, you’ll attract other Paulians, which may work for you. You will save time on that one. Also, what does the Venn diagram of Paulians and serious men look like? Just sayin

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