Would you like to swing on a star?

I had a terrific dream the night before. I dreamt I was with my dad, floating in space. I sat on a pillow and I had a bunch of strange items balanced precariously on my lap; my dad floated next to me unencumbered. We laughed and talked and it felt so right. My alarm went off, ripping me away from him.

Almost every night I dream of my father. The dreams are very real and comforting. I wonder if they are inhibiting me from truly healing since I feel like I see him every night? It’s strange.

I miss him so much.

3 thoughts on “Would you like to swing on a star?

  1. Audra

    Don’t worry about that, Donna. It’s good that you dream of him. That is healthy coping, especially since the dreams are comforting.

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