Kiss in the dark

Watched The Loveless on Friday night. Queued it up on NetFlix Streaming. I enjoyed it. Of course, I enjoy films with a languid pace. It was directed by a woman which seemed right since the camera seemed to linger on the guys in black leather a bit longer than it did on any of the girls. Robert Gordon was in it but he didn’t have any song and dance scenes which was a shame. I had hoped there might be a scene where he would start singing and a bunch of bikini clad babes would come out, shimmying.

Yesterday was jam packed. Went to KUSTOMS, CRUISERS, and CLASSICS at the Simeone Car Museum. Finally got to see The Sharkskins perform and they were great. My mojo is still working. When the Speedwells played, a guy came over to me and gave me their CD as a gift, “Something to remember me by.”

In the evening, we went to the Philadelphia Swing Dance Society’s Swing Party and took Jitterbug and Lindy lessons. It amazes me that men go to these lessons on their own and then refuse to pay attention to the instructor. “Hand on shoulder blade” doesn’t mean hand on lower back or ass, fellas!

This morning I went on eHarmony and closed all matches that didn’t interest me. I closed every man that was shorter than 5’10 or worked in government, lacked a photo, or lacked a decent photo. What is it with these guys anyway? Is it so hard to post a picture of yourself where you look like a normal, well-adjusted human being?

And what is it with eHarmony? Why do they keep matching me with men 5’5 – 5’9? Are tall men in short supply? They must realize that not only am I not interested in being a towering inferno, these little mini men are not interested in me! I emailed eHarmony this morning asking them to stop wasting my time. I look forward to their reply.

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