Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

The carpeted floors are going bye bye on Tuesday not today. That actually works really well because I won’t be around. You see, tomorrow we are chartering a boat to release my father’s ashes. My dad’s friend, Johnny actually got us a boat and the four of us (five if you count the captain) are heading out to carry out my daddy’s final wishes. Of course, dad’s wishes weren’t that we do it from a boat. He wanted us to throw him off a Belmar rock jetty. For some reason, this didn’t seem quite do-able so we decided to do it from a boat.

I like the idea that the Atlantic Ocean is his resting place. Who wants to go to a cemetery? It’s so much nicer to sit and look out at the ocean and know he’s there.

My one client said to me, “But Donna, isn’t it illegal to sprinkle a person’s ashes into the ocean?”

I smiled and said, “They can come after me.”

This client of mine is a channel/psychic/healer. She told me that dad is very proud of us and happy. She also told me she was Mary, Queen of Scots in a past life. I believe her.

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