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I plan to re-brand my company. The name I chose for it is limiting and I hate it. I want to come up with a name that doesn’t seem so, one person working from her loft. My consultant suggested Golden Lizard Marketing. I kinda like it. The issue is that Lisa and Mom think lizard holds bad connotations. Plus, I feel no real connection to lizards… although I do like the idea that I could get a gold lizard pin and wear it.

I would love to somehow come up with a name that is really ME! Something that spans both technology and marketing with retro and futuristic sensibilities. I want the name to sound like a real, full-fledged, established company.

I want it to be bold and creative and whimsical and unforgettable!

So can anyone do better than Golden Lizard Marketing?

The other name my consultant came up with was Viral Marketing and Design… but that seems blah and contagious.

So any suggestions? Any ideas?

22 thoughts on “Your ideas wanted

  1. B. Davis

    How about “Purple Weasel Solutions”?

    Hey, putting the word “Solutions” in the company name
    has worked out fabulously for 3,587,112 other companies in America. Try it!

  2. Donna Post author

    HEY! I am being serious! Beside, I don’t want Solutions in the name. I want Marketing or Design or both.

  3. B. Davis

    Okay, run these up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes:

    Donna’s One-And-Only-Lonely-Hearts-Club Band, Inc.

    Donna Bella, Inc. (okay, I know that’s that might remind people of belladonna, a plant containing poisonous berries and foliage, but you want a clientele with a sense of humor, don’t you?).

    This could be your company logo:

  4. Jorge Mendez

    Golden Lizard? Really? What a nonsensical name, without meaningful connotation. How about picking a name of your own choosing? If the name you want is already taken, just add “International” or “Media Lab” to it :-).

    My small brain thought-up “Social Influence Designs”. Vague enough to connote whimsy, trendy enough to connote hipster.

    Here in the barrio, Rick Ross is the man, check out his site to see ‘edgy’ marketing

    Surely that big brain of yours can come up with an appropriate name 🙂

  5. Audra

    I’d prefer something with platinum to golden. It’s more valuable (I think) and has more the retrofuturistic sound.

  6. Audra

    I heard a good company name is one that sounds like something Capt. Kirk would wrestle. E.g. Santarus. Sirtris. DayStar. Questcor.

  7. Donna Post author

    Platinum Lizard Marketing?

    Is Platinum hard to spell? The one thing I want to do is be able to ramble it off and have no one question me. So right now I have to say, “Tech… spelled T-E-C-H! Designs… plural… yeah that’s d e s i g n S S yeah add an S. “

  8. Donna Post author

    I keep trying to think of things I like…

    Elvis, The Avengers, Mrs Peel, Nikita, Monkees, Rockabilly, MidCentury Modern, Retro stuff, Googie, Black and white stripes, Ikea, pizza, ice cream, Charles Bronson, LinkedIn, Wonder Woman, Liberty, Ron Paul, cheap red wine, beta vcr, george nelson bubble lamps, lava lamps, aviator glasses, rainbows, unicorns, classic movies, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, tea, gel pens, mojitos, dark and stormys, margaritas, beer, the shore, side burns, buddy holly glasses, cat eye glasses, …….. but how the heck would any of this translate into a name of a company?

  9. Audra

    Here is my last one that popped into my head: Bo Rocket. I was thinking of space age with things you like and an image of little Bo on a rocket ship came to mind. It might not be any good, but it did make me smile!

  10. Donna Post author

    Lavashere is awesome! There’s a company around here called RocketSeed… what a great name.

    How does Alpha 60 Marketing grab you? I do love me Godard.

  11. Donna Post author

    Godard, Kerouac, A-Team, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jean Paul Belmondo, Leslie Caron, Natasha Rambova, Nazimova, Film Noir, metaphysical, spiritualism, Ayn Rand, Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, chins, cats, Tuggle, Belinda Carlisle, etc….

  12. B. Davis

    How about “All Systems Go, Inc.”? That’s a nod to the space program (both retro and futuristic).

    And this can be the techno music for your website:

  13. B. Davis

    This brainstorming session reminds me of ANOTHER favorite George Carlin bit from ages ago. Carlin came up with names for companies that market birth control pills:
    Maybe Baby

    Put “All Systems Go, Inc.” into your 10 gallon brain and turn on the spin cycle. The name has got a certain Mercury/Gemini/Apollo retro/groovy/googie feel. Imagine a giant Saturn 5 rocket blasting off a launching pad shaped like a lava lamp. The payload is initially a space shuttle, but then the shuttle morphs into all your favorite things — raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. No, wait, wrong concept. It morphs into Elvis and then Audrey Hepburn and then Cary Grant ad then Bo The Dog drinking a dry martini. I know that sounds bat-shit crazy, but isn’t that what you’re looking for?

  14. Audra Ross

    Yeah, I do like Alpha 60. It sounds elite, and it has some connection to technology. It is rooted in the 60’s, and we can call it “Alf” or “Alfie” for short! Now I’m trying to remember other famous computer names, asise from HAL 9000, Watson, Deep Thought….Vicki from “Small Wonder”…The Matrix, Skynet, Master Control Program from “Tron,” The Interocitor from “This Island Earth.” Nah, I think Alfie is the best of all of them!

  15. Donna Post author

    I actually really like Matrix Marketing– I bet’s already taken. Alpha 60 Marketing & Design. Hmmmmmmm…

  16. Donna Post author

    Here were the other suggestions my consultant gave me:

    Viral Marketing and Design, Inc.

    Indie Marketing and Design, Inc.

    Viral Marketing, Inc.

    Golden Lizard Marketing, Inc.

    Platinum Media Marketing Company, Inc.

    Media Marketing Strategists, Inc.

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