feed you with raisins & ply you with wine

The rain is hitting the window and the lightening is illuminating my room. I am listening to Carla Bruni and sipping Charles Shaw’s White Zinfandel. Should I stay here and drink more cheap wine or head over to the grocery store and stock up on food? It’s true, I’ve done nothing but eat crackers the last few days since my cupboards are bare. Maybe the grocery store is a good idea.

Lisa said to me the other day, “There’s a girl at work who’s a gimp. There’s something massively wrong with her leg and hip. She kinda hops around, dragging her bad leg behind her. She’s married. Someone wanted her. Why do you suppose no one wants you?”

I had no answer for her.

5 thoughts on “feed you with raisins & ply you with wine

  1. B. Davis

    The President of France gets to boink Carla Bruni whenever he wants (well, I GUESS maybe she has some say in the matter). All I can do is salivate over her pictures and watch this video (you are so cruel). Thanks a lot for proving the point that LIFE ISN’T FAIR. (Holy crap, your sister is blunt….my brother would never say something like that to me)

    Every time I go to the grocery store I see married couples who look like they escaped from a carnival side show. I wonder “Who in the hell would want to sleep with THAT every night???? What planet am I on?”

    And speaking of crackers, this is music to my ears:

  2. Michael

    I’ve been reading your blog for many years now, we’ve occasionally corresponded via email and you have even made me my own Michael Nesmith hat (which is packed away for the summer). So I believe I can make a informed response to Lisa.

    I believe that many men want the type of woman Lisa described because she’s not threatening and a man can take care of her.

    You require a special type of man because you are not only very intelligent, but you are well cultured, funny and beautiful. Most men are intimidated by you, you require a man is self confident and not afraid of the type of woman you are. A man who will be your equal partner and not look to take care of you or control you. Unfortunately, the percentage of those type that are out there is very small. .

    So to answer Lisa’s questions, “why doesn’t anyone want you,” the answer is “You don’t the type of man who will settle for just anyone.”

    I see you as a woman that might not marry until a little later than the average married age of a woman because of the fact that you will have to find that man who will compliment you and not follow you. It’s easy to get discouraged at times, but he’s out there.

  3. B. Davis

    I figured out the gimp girl riddle. Men want a woman
    who won’t run to her mother when times get tough.
    So they find a woman who can’t run. Genius.

  4. Donna Post author

    Have you read the YouTube contents for that Crackers video? What a hoot! People think it’s a racist song. Whatever happened to lovely Barbara Mandrell? She was everywhere and then she just disappeared.

    Thank you all for the kind words. I appreciate them. Life keeps going, I just gotta keep up with it.

    Have you seen Sarkozy? Looks exactly like Kevin from Kids in the Hall.

  5. B. Davis

    And all this time what Barbara was really saying is that it’s okay to eat southern white trash in her bed? I never pegged Barbara as a cannibal because she always had a certain vegan look about her. If she had been talking about devil’s food cake, on the other hand….well, sir, THAT’S racist 🙂

    Barbara ate so many crackers that she died from trans fat overload. R.I.P. On the other hand, she left behind a lot of happy crackers. Aw, hell. I shouldn’t have said that.

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