Mr T ate my balls

Finally watched the A-Team movie. Guess what?!? It was really stupid. Bad stupid. Ridiculous and stupid. Made me long for the days of the real A-Team.

These movies with their quick cuts are hard for me to watch. I must have turned to Pookie Bear ten times to say, “I think they are all dead, the movie is over.”

Nope, they somehow lived.

Liam Neeson’s American accent was atrocious. He sounded like the guy who plays the husband on the show Medium. He was not on the jazz.

2 thoughts on “Mr T ate my balls

  1. Audra

    Really? I think the guy from “Medium” does a good job. I really like him. And I was watching “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and one of them is friends with the REAL Allison “Medium” is based on. She was a total jerk! I was so crestfallen because I like that show!

  2. Donna Post author

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike the guy from Medium… I just immediately knew he wasn’t an American. His accent sounds fake. Like Mark Addy’s in Still Standing.

    I saw the REAL Allison on the Donny Deutsch show YEARS ago and it was insane. She said that using her psychic powers she could tell he was worried about his health and his heart!?! The guy’s like 50… what 50 year old guy isn’t worried about those things? Deutsch acted all, “AMAZING! You truly are a PSYCHIC!” It was embarrassing.

    But I will say, other than looking like a total Charlatan, I didn’t get any bitch alert from her.

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