Old fashion dream

I had a dream last night that was almost identical to dreams I had as a child.  When I was a kid, I often dreamt that I found a secret room in our house.  My heart would surge as I would think how I could put it to good use.  Last night I dreamt that I found a hidden fuse box in the bathroom in the loft.  I called Lisa to ask if she had known about it and she said, “Not only is there that fuse box but there’s also another room through the closet…”  And sure enough, there was a whole new room connected through the closet.  “This is perfect! This can be my new office!”

Discovering hidden rooms means that your subconscious is getting you ready for surprises in your life – new interests, goals, potential ventures, and/or unexpected possibilities, and whole unexplored parts of yourself that you never knew existed.

Last night Pookie and I went to my parents’ for dinner. My mom made authentic Haluski and not the fake crap I make. Hers was so good!

On Friday my dad celebrated his 73rd birthday and he and my mom celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary. Same day. After his birthday dinner, Lisa got up and gave him a big hug and said, “Happy Birthday, Daddy!” Lisa then scrunched up her nose and said, “Ugh, suddenly you smell like an old person!”

“What does an old person smell like?” Dad asked.

“Like BENGAY, probably.” I said.

“No, Not BENGAY….. DECAY,” replied Lisa.

Dad laughed. We all did.

I feel like I made some huge strides this week. My book is almost edited. I went through the heap of clothes in my room. I did 3 loads of wash. The kitchen sink is practically clear. I could have done more I am sure but I am just going to thankful that I got some stuff completed.

3 thoughts on “Old fashion dream

  1. rosalie

    Luckily your dad has a great sense of humor…otherwise, we would have had to deal with a crying, sniveling, mass of flesh, Lisa.

  2. Audra

    I have that dream so often! When I was a kid, and still to this day, regularly. I must be a very complex individual. haha. I always wake up disappointed it’s not true though.

    Happy birthday and anniversary, to your dad and mom!

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