Play Magic Fingers

Yeah, that blogging everyday went out the window real fast, huh? I’ve been too busy working on my book. I wish it were a novel or something enviable… rather than a how to manual… but whatever. I keep dreaming that it sells and I actually make some money on it. How awesome would that be!?

My desk looks pretty neat right now. But that’s only because I gathered all the papers and moved them to the floor.

This morning I woke up, looked at my bookshelf next to my bed and became very alarmed that I couldn’t find my book on John Garfield. My dreams had me in the midst of Dust Be My Destiny. Dead End Kids, prison work farm, bad hearts, Priscilla Lane…. Eventually I found it, right where I had left it. I flipped through the pages and felt better.

I am off to meet Lisa at the local Starbucks. She’s helping me with my final edits. This book is heading off to the publisher come February whether it’s ready or not.

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