Every day?

A new year’s resolution that I didn’t mention is that I want to start blogging here more regularly and with more gusto. I used to be such a good little blogger! And now I have somehow turned into a depressed, sour, middle-aged boring woman who writes nothing… occasionally. I can’t have that! I want to be lively and fun again!

I followed my dad into NYC today. We’re fighting the Man together. Didn’t take that long this time. Unfortunately there was no ruling today so we may have to go back later for the verdict. We’ll see.

I haven’t been making that much headway this week in my goal to de-clutter my home. I may have to hire someone to help me. Good news is I am back to writing my book… or at least expanding it for publishing. Anyone ever self-published a book before? I am probably just going to go with Lulu.com but am curious to know if there’s a better way.

What else, what else? nuthin’

13 thoughts on “Every day?

  1. B. Davis

    Hint: if you’re going to bother asking people to
    leave comments regarding your blog entries, why not at least actually respond to the comments every now and then? Otherwise, you might as well just shut this
    blog down.

  2. gomer

    I can see how you might tire of this or somehow neglect it. Having a couple of middle aged men across the country hanging on your every post would not, in my opinion, inspire. You need to:

    1. Eat a good home-cooked meal
    2. Drink 2x your normal amount. of $3 chuck
    3. Post a rambling, mostly drunken piece on the latest horrible-sounding Elvis tribute you saw. Maybe throw in some observations on Peter Tork.

    That should inspire endless post-reply fodder.

  3. Donna Post author

    Omitting #1, I thought that was pretty much what I was doing! 🙂

    Here’s the thing, back when I was blogging with more gusto, I was living my life and having a swell time AND as I was living I was thinking, “How can I write this down? How can I describe this to my readers?” Let me tell you, I rarely live and have a swell time and on the odd occasions I do, my thought is not, “How do I write it down?” If anything it’s, how can I describe this without getting into trouble?”

  4. gomer

    Welcome to adulthood; where most are just “living”. If you want a return to the carefree and bloggingly expressive Donna, you will have to suppress some considerations you have picked up along the way. Your adult brain is in too many places at once.

  5. Donna Post author

    I agree but I also feel like my main issue is Living to Survive. Back when I was carefree, I had a pretty comfy job that afforded me downtime and didn’t suck my soul. And I knew I had money coming in the door no matter what. I frolicked and partied without any worries. My current job is NOT soul sucking but I am solely focussed on bringing in money. That’s all I think about. I can’t go out and have fun, I need to be here writing and designing and whatever otherwise, I will be living in a trashcan.

  6. gomer

    Life becomes the sum of your choices. The only harm in making poor ones is continuing with it unrealized.

  7. B. Davis

    Say, Gomer…

    Who’s calling who “middle-aged”? I’m like a Very Good Year…from fine old kegs, from the brim to the dregs.

    As if Donna wants or needs advice from anyone…
    but how entertaining is it to read a daily dose of life’s everyday problems? I can read that $hit in Dear Abby.

    Listen up…my mom committed suicide…my dad is in some early stage of Alzheimers…and my brother just got indicted by a county grand jury. I never knew either of my grandfathers because : a. my mom’s dad was struck down by a truck
    as he was crossing a street b. my dad’s dad croaked of
    a heart attack at age 60.

    So when I hear a healthy educated person complain about plain vanilla, pedestrian problems, I tune out.

  8. Donna Post author

    That’s the issue! It’s not entertaining! I know it isn’t, it’s not even entertaining for me and thus the reason why I don’t write enough! I am going to change! I will write more and try to start viewing my world in a different way– the old way!

    The gov’t may come to cart me away soon but rather than sitting here and waiting for the sh*t to hit the fan, I am going to change my ways and have fun!

  9. Audra

    I find it boring when someone compares their life problems to someone else’s. There’s always a bigger sob story. Knowing the next person has more problems doesn’t make your own problems any less poignant, B. Davis.

  10. Gomer

    Donna I think you may be wrong about the entertainment part. Personally, I find your willingness to express your frustrations very entertaining. It’s a window into another’s life; rarely seen without a close and personal relationship. It cannot be anything BUT fascinating that I can know (or deduce) so much about your life without even knowing you.

    That is why I tune in.

    If all I wanted was talk about Peter Tork, one armed Peruvian folk singers, or Elvis…I would look for IT in a more focused forum. Keep it coming.

  11. B. Davis

    Audra, I was trying to make a point that blogs needn’t be overloaded with sob stories. They shouldn’t be overly concerned about a recipe that didn’t work out or a train that didn’t arrive on time or a dress that didn’t fit just right. Wait, I’m a male…forget that last comment. I read for two reasons: entertainment and / or enlightment. Hopefully both. That’s the reason I see a movie or read a book. I’ve been occasionally enlighened by the lapsed Catholic Buddhist Dharma Donna, and that’s why I keep reading. I’d just like to see more of that…that’s all I’m saying. I get enough negativity from everyday life…in my humble opinion, balance is the key to a well-lived life. I want my bread AND circuses, dammit! Is that too much to ask?
    Socrates, Epicurus, Bi-Curious, and Sartre

  12. B. Davis

    Take two: I tried to spell “enlightenment”, but screwed it up in two different ways. I’ve made a list of yearly resolutions, too. Number one is to use a spell checker more often. Number two is learn how to cast spells. Number three is to consume no caffeine after 2 pm. Number four is to drink more water, but not so much that I pee every ten minutes. Number five is to apply SPF 30 every day. Number six is to burn candles more often (I’ve been hoarding them for the impending holocaust in December 2012). My life isn’t a bed of roses, but I think I’m definitely moving in the right direction.
    Resident of Dante’s Third Level Of The Inferno

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