October where did you go?

Guys, I gotta rethink my strategy. I am working my ass off. I don’t want to be working this hard. Not for what I am making. I need to charge more.

Fewer higher paying gigs. That’s what I need.

5 thoughts on “October where did you go?

  1. gomer

    Spoken like a true Gen-X’er.

    Be very careful simply charging more…to make more…to feel good about how hard you are working. You may soon find you are working hard, but hardly working as your jobs get fewer.

    What’s your time worth TO YOU? Personally I would barter Monday mornings off for a root canal; but few have the resources to afford my Sunday mornings spent with wife and family.

  2. Donna Post author

    Perhaps I should have stated: I should be more diligent about charging for my true time and value rather than letting my own mental dollar constraints dictate my invoicing. There are people out there doing what I am doing at far less quality and charging more. I struggled with what to charge with my old job and I am struggling now. I need to do a better job of spacing jobs and making sure I am getting the right $ for what I am putting into it.

  3. gomer

    I can help you with your problem. There are others who will charge more and deliver lesser results, but I am convinced that once you go Gomer, the VALUE of my services will bring you back. I started this way with all my fortune 500 bloggers, and now charge them much more than I will charge you because they know I earn my keep…no matter how high it may be.

    See what I did there?

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