My head feels like it might explode

I have such a terrific headache. Just took an Aleve. Hopefully it helps.

My eyes have been itchy. I mean, my lids have been itchy. Last Sunday I petted a cat and I am wondering if I could still be experiencing allergic symptoms? Or maybe I have an eye infection? I don’t know. All I know is I don’t want to wear my contacts or eye makeup since all I want to do is claw at my eyes.

Quebec City was a nice little getaway. It rained practically the entire time and we spent more time getting there than we spent there. Still, I experienced the wonder of poutine and spent a day and a half feeling like I was in Europe, even though it was really just Canada.

Here’s a couple shots:

I hope you like the pix. There’s no filters on them trying to make them look pretty. From Pookie’s camera to your screen, no Photoshop in between. For quite sometime I had this feeling of inadequacy. You see, I read a ton of blogs and the bloggers always post gorgeous pictures of their houses and lives… and it took me awhile to figure out that the pictures they post aren’t raw shots straight out of their camera. Their pictures are taken with an SLR and are tweaked afterward using Photoshop. Once I realized this, I don’t feel so bad about my pix anymore.

In somewhat similar news, I somehow found myself over at this very popular blogger’s site and I watched a video she posted of her office remodeling. The furniture looked really expensive and very very lovely. Made me want to take out my new Vado and show you guys my office. I am working off the same desk my parents bought me back in 1985 from Ikea. But don’t get the idea that I am not design-oriented… I recently remodeled the desk… by flipping over the top slab to hide the Garbage Pail Kid Stickers that I adhered to the corners back in the 80’s.

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