The explosion prior to vacation

Pookie and I decided to use up his remaining vacation days by driving to Quebec City. We leave tomorrow morning. That is, unless I explode and am unable to put the pieces of myself back together in time.

I bought the Mygica EZgrabber2 USB 2.0 Video Capture Adapter Device to convert old home movies of our 1994 trip to Slovakia to DVD. Considering the sheer size of my eyebrows and ass in the videos, it’s amazing I haven’t just deleted the tapes. At any rate, my mom asked me to convert a tape for her as well. I just ripped it and now I am s l o w l y burning it to DVD. I am guessing the tape was recorded back in 1985 or 1986. It’s of her and her girlfriends goofing around. They made it for their friend who had moved away. Gosh those ladies were a hoot back then! As a little girl, I guess I just didn’t get it. I will tell you my favorite part of the tape is where they discuss the Jerry Penacoli incident. Those were such innocent days, my friends!

So anyone live in or around Quebec City? Any suggestions on places to stay? Anyone want to meet up?

I am hoping to try some poutine.

5 thoughts on “The explosion prior to vacation

  1. Donna Post author

    Depending on the taste of poutine and how I am feeling at this moment, I may never come back. I shall bow to the Queen and embrace socialized medicine. Or, I’ll come back late Friday.

  2. B. Davis

    I visited Quebec City back in the 80s. The Chateau
    Frontenac is the Numero Uno attraction, along with
    everything else within the old walled portion of the city.
    I visited during December and soaked up the Christmas atmosphere…beautiful place.

  3. B. Davis

    Sounds like maybe you’ve been there before? I’ve never had poutine, but there’s something about cheese curds that drives Canadians and Northerners completely out of their minds. Don’t worry about genuflecting to any queen….Quebec has been a hotbed of French Nationalist separatism, and the last thing you’ll see there is someone bowing and scraping to Limey monarchy.

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