Red Elvises at The Bethlehem Musikfest

If you follow me on Facebook, you’d know I spent Thursday evening at the Bethlehem Musikfest, in the pouring rain, just so I could catch The Red Elvises. They were awesome! It seems that Igor and Oleg have reunited! (At least kinda, we asked both Oleg and Igor after the concert if they were back together and both said, “I don’t know.”) And Milka Ramos and Elena Shemankova were also back! I LOVE LOVE LOVE MILKA! She wore a Suzi Quatro -inspired black leather jumpsuit! She is incredible!

Here, watch the video I shot:

And here’s the video Pookie shot…

Clearly it’s time to invest in a better camera for me.

Speaking of which, here’s a blurry shot of Igor and me:
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9 thoughts on “Red Elvises at The Bethlehem Musikfest

  1. Donna Post author

    There’s is definitely a similarity but the Red Elvises do add their own flavor to it. Heck, I’d even say there’s quite a bit of Link Ray in the Red Elvises music as well!

  2. rosalie

    Hearing aid? Did I hear you right? You were right….this time…the volume was muted, my hearing aid was functioning properly. I remember when you were a sweet girl but then at my age that too shall pass.

  3. B. Davis

    Actually, “Surfing in Siberia” IS The King of Surf Guitar’s “Misirlou”, a song which goes way back to 1927. Dick Dale’s version is the famous American version, and the Red Elvises also do a great job on this
    song of Greek origin…

    And of course it’s used as the theme music from the movie “Pulp Fiction”.

  4. Kayt

    Hi Donna, I enjoyed your video and enthusiasm for Red Elvises. Glad you had a good time seeing them! On October 1, the new issue of the band’s official fanzine, The Red Pages, will go up with photos and a writeup about the Musikfest shows. In the meantime, feel free to visit the fanzine site and you can see tons of photos and articles about them. Also, if you join Red Elvises’ Yahoo group, you’ll receive notification when new fanzine issues upload. Thanks for mentioning the band on your blog! – Kayt, Red Pages Editor

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