7 thoughts on “Serge! He’s a beet drunk!

  1. B. Davis

    Back when I was known to frequent “gentleman’s clubs”….aw, hell, they were strip clubs, so why mince words…anyway, way back in da day, the young ladies on stage often charmed the clientele by removing their attire to this song:


    I never knew who Serge Gainsbourg was, but now I understand that to attract women, a man must:
    1. Speak French, or
    2. Be awaiting his maker on death row (murderers get
    lots of fan mail and marriage proposals) or
    3. Be dying of some incurable disease

    Can I get an amen, brothers? For some reason, many
    women are attracted to chain-smoking, emotionally and psychologically and physically challenged males. How else can you explain why 70 year old musicians still attract women? Charles Manson is probably getting at least two marriage proposals every week.

  2. Donna Post author

    That’s a load of bull poopie, B. Davis! It’s the same old same old. “I’m a nice guy and I can’t find a girl who loves me!” That’s because you are probably a passive aggressive weirdo who only thinks you are a nice guy. And of course there are women who go for losers– that’s because those women are losers too.

    In other news– here’s the lovely translation to the Je t’aime…moi non plus:

    I love you I love you Oh yes I love you

    Nor do I

    Oh my love

    Like the wave Irresolute

    I go and I come inside your loins and then I hold on

    I love you I love you Oh Yes I love you

    Nor do I

    You are the wave And I the naked island You go you go and you come you go and you come inside me my love and then we are one

    I love you I love you Oh yes I love you Nor do I

    Oh my love

    Like the wave irresolute

    I go i go and I come Inside you my love I go and I come Inside you my love And then I hold on

    Physical love is pointless

  3. B. Davis

    Donna! Please take (most) everything I say with a sly wink and a little tongue in cheek. This debauched Frenchy weasel was a lady-killer deluxe: Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, and the nubile France Gall all fell under his svengali trance. His ability to attract gorgeous females is legendary. He was the John Derek of Europe. During Serge’s final years he was known as an out of control drunk….hence that Whitney Houston video. But rich and famous and talented people get away with just about anything, don’t they? Now please come up with the translation for “Les Sucettes”…


    By the way, my doctor told me last week that I have pancreatic cancer and three months to live.

  4. B. Davis

    Whoa! Wait a minute! I just re-re-reviewed the lyrics to
    Je t’aime…moi non plus (which were condemned by The Vatican…maybe some theologian can explain why).
    You don’t have to be a linguistics expert to know those are French lyrics! Serge has now become one of my all-time composers…he joins immortals like Irving Berlin and Stephen Foster and the two guys from ZZ Top.

  5. B. Davis

    Yes, I have read the loose “translation” of Les Sucettes, and I know what he’s alluding to. Sly devil. I saw another translation of Je t’aime…moi non plus,
    and it’s a little more explicit than the lyrics you posted.
    No question about it…it’s a sexy, heart-racing tune. My
    Wiki research reveals that some people found Serge entertaining and some people think he just turned into an old perv…something wrong with that? 🙂

  6. Donna Post author

    And I found him to be both! Of course, I only discovered him after his death so everything I know is after the fact– but I do get a kick out of him.

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