No sleep but I feel fine

I awoke at 3:30ish. I got up for water thinking I’d fall right back to sleep. No dice. I lay there in bed until 6am when I decided I had had enough. Two and a half hours of staring at my overhead ceiling fan. I discovered that if I turned my head to the right, I heard the clicking the fan made as it spun BUT if I turned my head to the left, no clicking. I’m not sure why this happened. Could I be partially deaf in my right ear? I decided to look into the range of ceiling fans with LED lights, and decided I would buy a new ceiling fan.

Looking out my window just now, I saw a woman walking her dog. The dog led her between my unit and my neighbor’s unit and the dog squatted and took a big dump. Isn’t that rather rude? What I mean is, make your dog go close to the sidewalk. Don’t let him lead you all the way to our door for his morning crap! Maybe I am just cranky from my night of sleepless, meandering thoughts.

Remember how I had an exterminator come and perform mass murder on my ant problem? The ants are staging a comeback!!! I have to call the exterminator again! AND my car’s engine light came back on…AGAIN! What’s going on here?

Rockin’ Ron Cade wrote on my Facebook wall this morning! Made my day! Rockin’ Ron’s show, Elvis and Friends is on WOGL every Sunday morning from 7 to 10. I rarely catch it anymore because I listen to Elvis Radio on SiriusXM pretty much exclusively. But it’s more than that– I can’t go back to listening to regular radio with it’s incessant commercials and stupid listener contests. I wish Elvis Radio would hire Rockin’ Ron and give him his own show. That would be so awesome. Of course I would want him to be on at a good time because I NEVER listen to Bruce Berenson’s Rockabilly Roadtrip anymore and I miss it so much but not enough to remember that it’s on Saturdays from 10-11pm.

4 thoughts on “No sleep but I feel fine

  1. Gomer

    Mass ant extermination means just that…there should not be such a problem again for quite some time. This visit should be gratis by the exterminator.

    Have him set some traps for the defecating dog as well.
    If the offender is Bo sized, a large conibear should work well.

    As Carl Spengler would say..”He’ll never play the game again”

  2. B. Davis

    Are you familiar with Rollye James, the nationally syndicated radio host who occassional poses musical trivia questions for her listeners? You must be, since her show originates from the Philly area. I have called her show a couple of times from Dallas and provided incorrect responses (me, the trivia expert). Once, about 4 years ago, I called her up in a state of inebriation, and I managed to sound sober (I think) on the air. I’m so proud of myself for calling a nationally broadcast radio show while drunk. Do it yourself sometime and let me know how that works for you.

  3. Donna Post author

    Gomer- I will be calling the exterminator, you can be sure of it. And I think I will rig a trap for the owner rather than the dog.

    B.Davis- I’ve never heard of Rollye James but she’s apparently on Sirius XM. I have no excuse for not knowing her. What I do want to know, though, IS… are you giving the wrong answers on purpose?

    I once called a radio show and got on the air! I can’t remember the show now but it was two guys and they were talking about how women don’t like bald men. I called in and said, “It’s not true! Bald men can be sexy! Just look at Captain Piccard and Yul Brynner and TELLY SAVALAS!!!” They ended up cutting me off and going to another caller.

  4. B. Davis

    Actually, the Rollye James Show lasted only a couple of years on Dallas radio. I don’t know how large her radio audience is…maybe she only speaks to a couple hundred people every night.

    No, I don’t intentionally answer questions incorrectly. Once many years ago I called a local Dallas TV music show live on the air and won some prize…an album, I think. And when I was a wee lad I called a local radio station and won tickets to a movie premiere. Life is so full of wonderful time-wasting drivel.

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