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I keep watching La Femme Nikita episodes over and over and over again. It’s a freaking sickness with me. I’ve decided I need to expand my television horizons and so I’ve queued up the first disc of the first season of a couple shows I thought I might like but never caught:

  • Alias
  • Burn Notice
  • Mad Men

And so I ask you, my dear friends, are there any shows you think may take the place of my dear Nikita that I can queue on Netflix or Hulu? I like strong, smart, kick-butt, take no prisoners, women characters (Nikita, Xena, Avengers, X-Files). I like the lone hero fighting against forces much larger than himself (Fugitive, Incredible Hulk, Starman). I like partners helping each other (Starsky and Hutch, The Dukes of Hazzard, X-Files). I like men who dress up as women (Bosom Buddies). I love immortals who experience flashbacks to prior times in their long lives (Forever Knight, The Highlander). I like hokie Eastern mysticism and karate (Kung Fu). I think you get it. I want some suggestions!

Here’s a full list of my favorite shows:
La Femme Nikita, The Highlander, Wonder Woman, Misfits of Science, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Batman, Starman, MacGyver, The A-Team, Avengers, It Takes a Thief, Run for Your Life, The Fugitive, Incredible Hulk, Zorro, Nikita, Black Adder, Due South, Xena: Warrior Princess, The X-Files, Double Trouble, Bosom Buddies, Forever Knight, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, MythBusters, Travel Channel’s Man v. Food, Flight of the Conchords, The Monkees, etc…

13 thoughts on “Netflix Queue Strategy

  1. B. Davis

    I just posted an off-color comment about Tiger Woods…does that make amends? Nope, probably not.

    How about this: do you own any vintage Fiesta dinnerware? If so, do you glow in the dark?
    Fiesta ceramic dinnerware….beautiful, dangerous, and radioactive. Hey, just like Xena The Warrior! Am I back on topic again?

  2. B. Davis

    Jodie Foster has been the queen of smart, tough women for quite awhile….Silence of the Lambs, Contact, The Accused, Panic Room, etc. Have you seen the movie Fargo lately? Frances McDormand
    was awesome in that movie. Just last week I saw her in “Blood Simple”, her first Coen Brothers movie. In that movie, Ms. McDormand gets medieval with the bad guy. I think you’d like that.

  3. Donna Post author

    I am not into the Coen Brothers. I don’t like violence. I do like action. I like psychological thrillers.

    I am not much into Jody Foster although I like some of her real early work like The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, Bugsy Malone, Hotel New Hampshire, and others that I can’t remember.

  4. Audra

    I wonder if “Burn Notice” will be too violent for you then. There are guns, but I don’t think it is over the line. I hope you like it, because I do! Don’t forget about “Firefly.” All the female characters on that are pretty kickass. My brother-in-law just recommended this new show called “Justified” on FX. And I’m going to start watching the new season of “Dr. Who” that just started recently with the new Doctor.
    P.S. “Double Trouble”??! LOL!!!

  5. Kozaburo

    I vote for Burn Notice, which has lots of action but few deaths.

    Smallville might be a winner

    The Prisoner (the original series) is also a good one, but lacks the “strong female character”

    If you dig subtitles, I’d also recommend Yojimbo and Sanjuro (both films) and the first few Zatoichi films, on which a TV show was later based. Zatoichi is everything Caine aspired to be and never was. There was a remake in 2005 or so that you’d probably love, as it also features men dressed as women.

  6. Donna Post author

    I’ve been wanting to see the Prisoner forever! I think I would love it to pieces. (Strong female characters aren’t totally necessary). I will definitely queue it up.

    So many good choices from all of you! I can’t wait to start watching these shows. I’ll let you know if I become rabid for one.

  7. rosalie

    Burn Notice is a show I like…some violence. My favorite characters are the lead’s mother, his best friend, and the girl friend….she is a bomb expert and as tough as nails. You will recognize all of them from old shows that you liked….or that I liked. ie: Cagney and Lacey,etc…

  8. B. Davis

    I watched a few episodes of MacGruder and Loud (a show attempting to capitalize on the Cagney and Lacey phenomenon) years ago, not so much for the storyline as for the sight of Kathryn Harrold, an underrated 1980s babe. The show was one of the few failures from schlock-meister Aaron Spelling’s fun factory. There are only 14 episodes of M & L so this is like finding a misprinted postage stamp or a wrongly stamped coin.

  9. Audra

    Donna, now that we know the baby is a girl, we have been leaning toward naming her Fiona (which is the name of the female character on “Burn Notice”). The funny thing was today I happened to stumble across an article on Julia Roberts, and her full name is Julia Fiona Roberts. I swear we’re not intentionally naming our children after her!! Though if we ever had a boy now we might feel obligated to name him Robert.

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