Old Navy Dresses

I found two dresses on the Old Navy site I really want… and yet I know that they never ever ever look as good on me as they do on the model or in the picture on the Website.

That striped number looks like something Ingrid Bergman wore in Intermezzo. I can see her sitting at a cafe with a scarf knotted around her neck, sipping an espresso as Lesley Howard loves her with his eyes.

The other one looks like something Charo wore on the Love Boat.

I want both.

5 thoughts on “Old Navy Dresses

  1. CGHill

    I like that little turquoise-y number. Perhaps a tad lowish, neckline-wise, but it ought to hang on you pretty well.

  2. Audra

    I have a wardrobe question for you. I’m going to a wedding next month, “formal attire, please” on the invitation. It is an evening wedding in DC, and the reception is at the Metropolitan Club, which is kind of a landmark building. Steve was going to wear his grey suit and tie. I have a nice print cotton maxidress that fits me. I’m just worried it’s not “formal” enough, but I would hate to buy a new formal maternity dress that I will never wear again. Would I be forgiven for being pregnant and opting for comfort, or should I buy a dress?

  3. Donna Post author

    I would need to see the Maxidress before I could honestly give you my opinion but having seen the Maxidresses that are out there… I think it would be too casual and you will be uncomfortable. Why not go to a consignment shop or check on eBay for formal maternity dresses? I am sure they are out in abundance and affordable enough that it won’t be so upsetting that you may only wear it once. (I’d even look at Target and TJMaxx– I’ve gone to a bunch of formal events wearing dresses that I got at TJMaxx for 7.00 – 75.00, I wore a Target dress that I bought for 20.00 to the Johnsville Gala)

    It’s funny, I was just talking to Lisa about Maxidresses. I really like them but I have NEVER seen a woman carry one off without it looking like a nightgown.

  4. Donna Post author

    http://www.target.com/Maternity-Dresses-Womens/b/1293427011/ref=sc_fe_l_2_1293426011_7?node=1293427011 (click maternity > Occasion > Formal — I can’t get a permalink)


    And how cute would this look on you?



    All less than 100.00

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