Magic 8 Ball

I feel I need to post something since I haven’t posted anything in what seems like ages– but it’s less than a week. Over the weekend I watched Role Models which was a movie I totally forgot I wanted to see. It was sophomoric… LOVED IT! Okay, maybe not LOVED IT! But I enjoyed it and laughed quite a bit.

I am knitting a scarf with some of the mounds and mounds of green “Mike Nesmith-cap” yarn I collected years ago. I should get back into knitting little green Mike Nesmith caps for chemo-babies again. Made me feel altruistic. Ha! At any rate, the scarf is coming together rather well.

What else is going on I can report? I just finished the case of Three Buck Chuck wine my father got me back in September(?). Just in time for me to visit my Uncle Dick who does my taxes… he lives near Westfield, NJ so I can get another case.

Yesterday I heard a ruckus outside my window. Turns out the Association’s workers came by and cut down one of my trees. The snowstorm from the other day caused it to split and I guess they figured it would be best to just chop it down. I am sad to see it go because now I am not as divided by my weird neighbors as I had been. Yeah, weird neighbors on either side. Although I sense that these neighbors aren’t so weird themselves… they just don’t approve of me, or something. I dunno. It’s just odd how they ignore me and go out of their way to do so. Whatever.

What else? What else? Gosh, I got nothing else.

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  1. A Friend

    There’s a person with wooden feet ? Let’s move to ban wooden feet at the next condo board meeting.

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