Remembrance of 2009 and my 2010 Resolutions

Each year I review past resolutions to see how I did and post new resolutions for the upcoming year. Last year I reviewed my 2008 resolutions but didn’t post much in terms of resolutions for 2009. Although I did find this:

And what about my Zeitgeist for 2008? I dunno. I rallied behind Dr Paul and I tried to keep Rosemont from going co-ed. I worried about the bailouts and I cursed Obama and McCain. I think rather than worrying about the past I am just going to work on making 2009 a better year.

That was as close to a resolution that I could find. How did I do? Did I make 2009 a better year? All I can say is that 2009 was a totally different year for me than any other. I was displaced and drifting when it began. With lackluster determination I found a job that was horrific.

I found myself displaced again in July. Instead of looking for another job I decided to start my own business. I’ve been told that I am happier and calmer than ever. I feel better. But I am not stress free. I want this business of mine to succeed. I want to be independent. At one time I wanted independence from my family. I wanted to support myself. Now it’s independence from THE MAN, I crave. And I will achieve it.

In between displacement, employment hell, displacement, and trying to start a business, I traveled a bit. I saw Boston and Myrtle Beach, I chartered a sailboat in Rockhall, MD, rafted the Lehigh River and hiked Bushkill Falls. I went to a couple concerts: The Red Elvises, David Cassidy, Fake BeeGees, The Philly Funk Authority, The Neanderthals and The Rivers Rockabilly Trio.

I got some work done on my home: new garage door, new shower, two new windows, new door locks, new dining room buffet, new master plumbing valve, and I finally splurged on an EXPEDIT bookcase to hold my vinyl records. I made some pretty awesome purchases: 42 inch flat screen television, vunow pod, a HTC Hero android phone and a kickass new computer! I joined LA Fitness and started working out regularly. And I became quite the Zoomba queen! Supernaturally, I saw Jesus in my eye.

In March my Websites got hacked and although I was able to clean it up, my traffic numbers have yet to recover. I fired a gun for the first time in my life. I monetized Donnaville and made less than 75.00 for doing so. I spent a day with the 2004 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Michael Badnarik and I shook Ron Paul’s hand at the Campaign for Liberty Regional Meeting. I spent an incredible couple days with my cousins Sharon, Sarah, Ben and Rob in New York City and had the time of my life! We rode a speedboat on the Hudson, broke into the Plaza and had a carriage ride!

I saw my sister attain her dream of being a teacher and having her own classroom and helping kids with learning disabilities. I’ve also seen her make some huge strides just in the last week that make me want to weep in happiness. My old Geocities site was euthanized but in happier news I moved Donnaville to Thesis. I rode the El Toro roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure with my father on my 35th birthday, (and what a blast that day was!).

I went Swing Dancing and got asked to dance by a man who not only looked like but danced like Johnny Castle! I got photographic credit AND special thanks on a music CD that I believe will attain some level of success or at least notoriety in the near future. And most importantly, I took my first steps towards being my own boss and having my own business.

I guess 2009 wasn’t such a bad year after all.

My best entry of 2009? This one.

Donna’s Resolutions for 2010

Independent Business Success
2009 saw me start my own business. 2010 will be the year that I become totally independent. My business will be enough to support me. I will make enough money from it to live comfortably and save for the future. I will work with people and businesses I like. I will work on projects that I believe in. I will be comfortable with my decisions. I will love what I do.

Stay Calm, Have Fun, Enjoy Life
No need to get worked up over silly things. Stay calm and enjoy your life. Get out. Push away from the computer. Have fun! Spend time with friends and family. Pet Bo.

Travel More
I will explore. I will go places I haven’t been. I will see different places and meet new people.

I will write an eBook. I have a subject in mind, just gotta sit down and do it.

Course on Graphic Design/Website Design
I will take a class or two and really solidify my knowledge on these subjects.

Artistic Endeavors
I will draw, sketch and paint more. I will sing. I will write. I will go to concerts. I will express myself creatively.

Keep aware of my money and invest wisely.

Exercise, Be Fit, Feel Good
Last year I began exercising and it did me a world of good. I will continue to exercise and eat right.

Law of Attraction
I’ve decided to really use the Law of Attraction. I will wallow in positivity. I will attract my dreams. I will vibrate at a high, healthy frequency.

Thanks for sticking with me on this entry. It was extremely self-indulgent, sue me. How did YOU do in 2009? I know it was a hard year for many of you but I hope looking back you can find a lot of positive.

Okay 2010! WHADDAYA GOT? I am ready for you! C’mon, let’s get to it!

Whaddya got, 2010?

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  1. rosa

    I am proud of you and your accomplishments. Reading this made me think that one of your goals was always, ‘to be independent and not need a man to complete me’…you did it. Love you

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